From: The Woodland Daily Democrat, 24 July 1891, Page 3, Column 4


Well Distributed Throughout the County--Work Soon to Begin
Through the courtesy of School Superintendant Banks we are enabled to give the names of the several teachers and the districts in which they will teach the coming season:

Apricot-Miss Helena Jalger.
Buchanan-Emily J. Ely
Buckeye-Agnes Leland
Cottonwood- --- [sic]
Canon-RL Crane
Capay-Miss March
Center-Mabel Smith
Clover-Bell Higgins
Cache Creek-TJ Richards
Cacheville-TJ Phillips, Helen Lee
Eureka-Chas. Crane
Enterprise-Emma McClintic
Franklin-Nellie Thorpe
Fillmore-RA Grant
Fairfield- --- [sic]
Fairview-Abbie Rhodes
Grafton-SE Lowe, Ella Peart
Gordon-Katie Simmons, Miss Martin
Jefferson-Visa Ammons
Langville-TJ Crane
Liberty-JH Thorp
Lisbon-Francis Simmons, Rosa Miller
Monument-Minnie G. Moore
Mt. Pleasant-Cora Williams
Mountain-Lizzie Cole
Monitor-Mrs. Fordemwait
Merritt-FG Harriman, Nellie L. Webb
North Grafton-Berth Gaddie
Oat Creek-Fannie Phillips
Occidental-DJ Cowan
Pacific-Mary Lee
Prairie-CP Summers
Parks-Bertha Pearce
Putah-Mary Spencer
Pleasant Prairie-Pauline Spencer
Plainfield-Eliza Johnson
Spring Lake-Frank Clevenger
Sacramento River-Maggie Smith
Union-Lulu Shelton
Wildwood-Stella Farnham
Winters-LH Gruning, Vesta Bull
Woodland-TJ Goin, CG Sullivan, Sallie Miller, Hattie Lee, Marion Rahm, Lela Simpson, Frankie Newton, Mrs. M. P. Price, Ray Dryfus, Nora Briggs, Mrs. Mary Westover, Adella Fisher, Marion Fisher, Jennie Gibson, Fannie Stewart
Washington-Jennie H. Yorke, Julia Markeley
Woodland Prairie-Sophie Boggs
Willow Slough-Miss JB Jones
Willow Springs-Mrs AP Dubois
Yolo-FB Mills, Jennie Lee, Maud Maddox
East Slope-Birdie Spencer
Cleveland-Nellie Hubbard
Esparro-JEZ Fowle
Monday-Rebecca Spring
Guinda- --- [sic]

In two or three instances there may be some change made in teachers, but with that exceptions [sic] this is a correct report.