From: The Woodland Daily Democrat, 10 December 1891, Page 3, Column 2

Health Office Reports

The following reports of the births and deaths for the month of November, occurring in the city of Woodland, have been filed with health Officer Mosby:


Nov 3rd, to BF and Carrie Gray, a daughter.

Nov 5th, to Henry and Annie Dennis, a son.

Nov 11th, to EJ and Mattie Pfeifer, a son.

Nov 13th, to George A and Mary Ogden, a daughter.

Nov 14th, to John and Camalitto Steinbacker, a daughter.

Nov 16th, to TA and Mary Stephens, a son.

Nov 21st, to Dan and S McMillan, a daughter.

Nov 23rd, to Abe and Mary Morris, twins, son and daughter.

Nov 26th, to LA and Emma Erwin, a daughter.

Nov 27th, to George and Anna Nelk, a daughter.


Nov 4th, Mrs. GH Noe, aged 46 years, of paralysis.

Nov 14th, Miss Elizabeth Campbell, aged 72 years, of heart disease.

Nov 25th, Mrs Ann Spurgeon, aged 84 years, of asthmatic bronchitis.

Nov 26th, Thurston G. Martin, aged 3 years and 6 months, of typhoid fever.

The report is not complete, as some of the physicians failed to make the proper returns on time.