New Hampshire Gazette--27 April 1930


In New-Orleans, (murdered), Mr. Henry Holmes, a native of Ireland.

In Charleston, S.C. Stephen Elliott, Esq. aged 53, an accomplished scholar and author of a valuable work on Botany.

In Lexington, KY. the venerable Joha Bradford, Esq. Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Transylvania Univesity, High Sheriff of the County, and the first editor and proprietor of the Kentucky Gazette.

In Washington City, after a short illness, Alexander Smyth, aged 65, late of the U.S. Army and a member of the House of Representatives from Virginia.

Killed by a whale, in July last, George C. Folger, second officer of ship Mercury, of New-Bedford, and son of Mr. Barnabas Folger, of Nantucket, aged 23.

In Orwigsburg, Penn., Samuel D. Franks, Esq. late President Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Dauphia country, Penn.

In Wilmington, Del. Hon. Nicholas Ridgely, Chancellor of the State; he went to bed well and in 30 minutes after was a corpse.

In Syracuse, N.Y. Capt. Benjamin Cooke, formerly of Chesterfield, aged about 65.

Near Geneva, N.Y. Rev. Daniel McDonald, D.D. aged 44, Professor of Languages in Geneva College.

In Williamstown, Mr. William A. Porter, Professor of Languages in Williams College, aged 31.

In Eastport, 21st ult. drowned by the upsetting of a boat, Mr. Robert Stover, aged 23, Wm. Stover, aged 19, and James, their brother, aged 17.

In Boston, 17th inst. Miss Sarah Wingate, of Madbury, aged 32.

In Salem, Mass. Benjamin Franklin, son of Mr. Benjamin Pickering. Drowned, while at play on one of the wharves, Henry Dearing, son of Mr. Charles Dexter, aged 6 years. [Mr. D. lost a son of the same name and near the same place by drowning, a short time before this unfortunate little sufferer was born.]

In Kennebunk, Me. Mrs. Sarah Tucker, aged 62, wife of Mr. Stephen Tucker.

In Shapleigh, Me. Mr. William Folsom, aged 22; widow Abigail Jellison, aged 84, Mr. Moses Hearl, aged 60.

In Candia, Mr. Paul Eaton, aged 92, formerly of Seabrook.

In Hillsborough, Lieut. William Taggard, aged 78, an officer of the revolution.

In Barnstead, Mrs. Abigail, wife of Mr. John M. Pierce, of Boston.

In Pittsfield, Mr. Jefferson Rundlet, aged 28.

In Gilmanfort, Mr. Philip Bean, aged 27.

In Winchester, 13th inst. Mr. Samuel Fassett, aged 96.

In Swanzy, 10th inst. Mr. Lot Aldrich, aged 75, was found dead in the Ashuelot river about a mile below Chamberlain and Graves Mill Dam. He left his boarding place at 8 o'clock A.M. for the purpose of crossing the river, entered his boat about 80 rods above the Dam and by some unseen reason was precipitated in the billows and floated down unobserved to the spot where he was found.

In this town, Miss Eunice Jones, aged 54.