New-Hampshire Gazette, 03 November 1829


In Fredonia, N.Y. Michael Schultzer--while cutting up corn, he wounded himself badly in the knee and soon bled to death.

In Shelby, N.Y. Mrs. Eunice Dexter--she was thrown from a waggon and killed, the horse having taken fright at the sudden barking of a dog.

In New-York, Rev. Benjamin Jones, recently from Boston, and lately publisher of the Gospel Balance.

Drowned from on board sch. Privado, Sept. 29, Mr. Joseph Foster of Elliot, aged 22.

In Albany, N.Y. John V. Henry, Esq. While walking from the Supreme Court room to his dwelling house, he was suddenly struck to the pavement by a stroke of apoplexy, and soon after expired.

In Augusta, Dea. James Page, aged 92, and Mrs. Dorothy Page, his wife aged 92.

In Boston, Hon. John Coffin Jones, aged 80.

In Charlestown, Mr. Isaac Avery, of Gilmanton, N.H. killed near Winter Hill while engaged in blasting a rock, aged 21.

In Reading, a son of Mr. John Allen, aged 6 years---killed by the kick of a horse which he was driving from the field.

In Hillsborough, N.H. Mr. Gridley Jackson, a soldier of the revolution, aged 102; Mr. Benjamin Jones, aged 83, was in usual health, ad went into the field to work and dropped down instantly.

In Ipswich, Col. Joseph Hodgkins, aged 86--a patriot of the revolution.

In Keene, Noah Cooke, Esq. aged 80; Mr. Daniel Ingersoll, aged 79.

In Gilford, Mr. William Pearse, aged 48, formerly of this town.