The New Hampshire Gazette, 02 August 1831


Drowned in the Delaware Bay, 12th ult. from on board brig Paul Jones, of New Haven, Mr. William Greenough, of this town.

In Wolfborough, Col. Jonathan Copp, aged 57.

In Boston, Mr. Frederick Beck, aged 52. Miss Louisa Trefry, aged 26. She got up very early, complaining of thirst, and by mistake drank a strong solution of Sugar of Lead which had been used the night before and imprudently left on the table. It occasioned fits of which she died in about three hours.

In Sheffield Moor, Eng. Mr. John Vardy, aged 19: he was married the previous day to Miss Mary Richards, not 20. The wedding party spent the day very cheerfully at the house of the bride's father. The wife retired to rest about 11 o'clock at night, and was shortly after followed by the deceased, who had been unusually merry and cheerful throughout the day, though perfectly sober. In the short period of about five or ten minutes, he was seized with a fit of apoplexy and died instantly.

In Sutton, a son of Mr. Charles Hart, aged 8(?) years--killed by lightning, while in the house, which took fired but was soon extinguished.

In Charlestown, Mass. Miss Sarah Ann Vouda, formerly of York, Me. aged 21.

In Newbury, Capt. Benjamin Pierce, aged 62.

In England, John Howell, Esq. of Margate, advanced in years. The deceased, who was a celebrated sporting character, was remarkable for his eccentric manners. Among other peculiarities which distinguished him, he always required his groom to ride before instead of behind him, and his coffin was ordered and paid for at least seven years before his decease, which was kept at the maker's and exhibited as an object of curiousity.

In Coventry, Mr. Fayette Wells, aged 26. On the 15th ult. while stacking hay alone, he slipped from the stack on to a stake, which perforated his body 7 or 8 inches, of which wound he died on the 18th.

In Rochester, Mrs. Marcy, wife of Mr. Richmond Henderson, aged 56.

In Durham, Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of Capt. Mark Willey, aged 3(?) years. Mr. William Cheswell, son of Mr. Paul Cheswell, aged 21. Sarah Ann, daughter of Mr. Wm. Hanscom, Jr., aged 1 year. Miss Sally Ge?rish,aged 50 years.

In Durham. 14th ult. Miss Hannah Cram, aged 24, daughter of Mr. James Cram. In the death of this amiable young lady, the family have sustained a severe loss. By her filial love, she was endeared to her parents. To her sisters, she was kind and affectionate; to her young associates, gentle and unassuming. But she like most young people, had negelected to seek in earnest that religion she found so absolutely necessary to support her under the pains and distresses which are the attendants of a pulmonary disease, and cause her to pass without fear through the dark valley of the shadow of death. During her confinement, through the mercy of God she was brought to serious reflection and to that repentence, that is unto life, which needeth not to be repented of; and two months prior to her dissolution, she experienced a comfortable assurance of the pardon of sin; and a joyful hope of immortality and eternal life, and continued to rejoice in the consolation and support of grace--and the closing scene was tranquil and happy, which is a ground of much consolation to the afflicted family. Her young associates should be admonished, by her early flight, to prepare to follow her.--Com.

In Newmarket, Mr. John Farnham, aged 40.

In Northampton, Capt. Simon Brown, aged 87.

In this town, on Wednesday, Mrs. Mary Storer, widow of Samuel Storer, Esq. aged 71.

Elizabeth Stevens, aged 3 years.