New-Hampshire Gazette, 02 June 1829

At the Poor Hoase, in Middlebury, Vt. Friday week, George Sparrow, an Englishman, aged about 46. This unfortunate individual was, by his own confession, one of Thistlewood's coadjutors, engaged in what was called the "Cato Street Conspiracy," which was matured in London some twelve years since; and had for its object the murder of the British Ministry.--The plot, as understood from the public prints of the time, went only to assassinate the King's Ministers while at dinner at the Earl of Harrowby's, and thus obtain a reform in Parliament; but, according to Sparrow's account, other and wide spread mischiefs were contemplated by the conspirators. Several of the traitors were arrested at a stable in Cato street (which was their uniform place of meeting) and executed.--Goerge, with two or three others, narrowly escaped on board a ship and reached Quebec. At that place rewards were soon offered for them; but George saved himself by coming into the States. He has lingered out a miserable life here, being much of the time disordered or stupefied by ardent spirits. He was, however, a man of excellant natural powers, possessed of a singularly retentive memory, and had an almost inexhaustible fund of information.

In Scarborough, Mrs. Mary Mellen, wife of Grenville Mellen, Esq.

In Kennebunk-port, Mrs. Isabella Somers, wife of Mr. John Sumers, aged 23.

In South Orange, N.J. David and Jonathan Brown, the former on Thursday afteroon, the 30th of April, and the latter on Saturday morning, the 2d May. These two deceased persons were twin brothers, 31 years of age.

In Middleton, N.H. May 12, Mr. George Roberts, aged 73--a Revolutionary Soldier and Patriot. He was an able seaman and served under the renowned J. Paul Jones, on board the Ranger, the Hon. Elihah Hall, Lieutenant. Was at the taking of the Drake, a much superior ship, after a severe action of hone hour and forty-five minutesm and had charge of two guns in that quarter of the ship called by seamen the Slaughterhouse.--was a favorite of his Captain, and first of his boat's crew--lauded with him at White-Haven, England, in his desperate attempt to capture Lord George Germain. He lived to good old age and died in hope of a better state.

In Middlestown, Conn. David Buffum, for many years an eminent Minister in the society of friends.

In Nantucket, Mass. Mrs Hannah Marsh, aged 75 years, formerly of Exeter, N.H.

In Barrington, on the 10th inst. Martha Emily Hazlett, aged 14 years daughter of the late Samuel Hazlett, of Portsmouth.

In Harrisburgh, Penn. Ebenezer S. Kelly, Esq. a member of the Senate of Pennsylvania, from Armstron county. Mr. Kelley [sic] was formerly of New Hampton in this State; and a graduate of Dartmouth College in 1813.

In Alstead, Mr. Thomas Burroughs, a respectable citizen--by suicide in a state of derangment.

In Chester, Stephen Chase, Esq. aged 38.

In Plainfield, Lieut. Joseph Kinyon, aged 94--the oldest man in that town, and one of its early settlers. William Cutler, Esq. aged 53, for many years a representative in the General Court.

In Newburyport, Mrs. Jane Morrison, aged 64.

In Hingham, Dr. Levi Lincoln, aged 51.

In this town, Miss Evelina Hutchings, daughter of Capt. Samuel Hutchings, aged 21.