The Lafayette Advertiser, 24 November 1900

Page One:

This Week
Mr. Felix Mouton was married Tuesday to Miss Adele Young, by Rev. Father Baulard. The bride was beautifully attired in a navy [?] costume, and was assisted by her lovely young sister, Miss Viola. The groom was dressed in the regulation black and had for attendant, Mr. Chas. DeBaillon. Mr. Mouton is a prominent young Insurance man of this town, and his charming bride one of Lafayette's fairest daughters. Both are very popular and number their friends by the score. The Advertiser is pleased to extend congratulations, and wishes its young friends fair sailing over the waves and billows of matrimonial seas.

Wednesday at Royville, Mr. Sidney Broussard was married to Miss Nella Broussard. The groom is a son of Mr. Lucien S. Broussard, whilst Miss Nella is the pretty daughter of Hon JO Broussard, of Pilette. As both families are in mourning the wedding was a very quiet one. Many good times, lots of prosperity and a long life of health and happiness be their lot, is the Advertiser's most fervent wish.

Mr. Alcee Bourc, of Morgan [?] was joined into the holy [?] of matrimony Thursday to [?] Edna Delhomme. The wedding took place at 11 am, [?] the couple boarded the east [?] noon train for Morgan City [?] future home. Let joy and [?] follow their footsteps [?] they be lovers always.

Mr. Sidney Veazey will leave tomorrow for Texas and will return Thursday with a car-load of mules.

These well known drummers were taking orders this week: F [?] Dicks, NJ Otis, O Goldsmith, L Ricaud, Paul Villermin, L Jaofroid, Lionel Bienvenu and A Jollissaint.

Miss Isa-re and Cecilia Guidry visited in New Orleans a few days last week.

Dr. HD Guidry from Scott was in town Sunday.

Mrs. James E Mouton of St. Martinsville attended the Mouton-Young Wedding.

Chas. Young and sister Beaulah, were in Lafayette Tuesday.

Mrs. WJ Sechrest left Thursday for Moscow, East Texas, and will visit relatives.

Pres. Caldwell of the Normal School and Pres. Stephens of the [?] and Dr. Girard went to Jersson's Island this week for a hunt.

Dr. GW Scranton was in Lafayette Monday and honored the office with a pleasant call. The Doctor says business is good in his neck of the woods and although he feels a little "blue" over Bryan's defeat yet he says he is satisfied with the results.

Amongst some of the former Lafayette pupils attending the Sacred Heart celebrations at Grand Coteau Wednesday were Mrs. Wm. Campbell Sr., Mrs. Dr. Frank Mouton, and Misses Philomene Campbell, Aimee Mouton and Marie Revillon.

Mr. Nathan Broussard of Ridge was a pleasant visitor Monday.

Mrs. F. Hoben of El Paso Tex., is spending some time with her sister, Mrs. Geo W. Scranton, at Royville. Mrs. Hoben was formerly Miss Julie Olivier, of Lafayette, and this is her first visit to Louisiana since her marriage.