The Lafayette Advertiser, 22 March 1890

[Page Four]

As an illustration of the precocity of the American youth of the present day, on Monday last, in New Orleans, two boys, Geo. Lund, aged nineteen, and Geo. Leeney, aged fifteen, on a wager each drank a "bell top" beer glass filled to the brim with whiskey. Lund died in a few hours, and Leeny came very near following suit.

Miss Lelia Deronen of Jennings, La., is spending a few days in town the guest of Mrs. JJ Revillon, and family.

Miss Louise Eastin, a charming and accomplished young lady of St. Martinsville, was in town this week visiting relatives and friends.

Miss Louise Revillon returned home Tuesday, after a visit of several weeks at Lake Arthur, Shell Beach and Jennings, La.

Mrs. FN Meyer, after a few weeks visit to her mother, Mrs. H. Beraud, returned to her home at Liberty, Texas, last Thursday.

Mrs. ST Rand, Miss Kate N. Rand, and Mr. RH Rand left last Monday for Grand Chenier, La., where they will remain a few weeks the guests of Mr. PV Miller.

Mr. Paul Demanade is erecting a large store house, fronting Vermilion street, one block East of his present location. He will occupy the building himself, as a family grocery.

Sheriff Broussard left for Baton Rouge last Tuesday, having in charge Joe Morgan and Theophile Mouton convicted and sentenced to the State penitentiary at the recent term of the District Court. ***