The Lafayette Advertiser, 22 February 1890

[Page 5, Column 1]

Col. Geo. O. Elms, the well known U. S. deputy Surveyor, of Opelousas, favored us with a visit last Tuesday morning.

Last Friday our office was honored by a visit from Miss Irma Couvillon, of this place, Miss Edmonia Guilbeau and Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Guilbeau, of Carencro.

We had a pleasant call a few days since from Mr. Toledano A. Wallior, formerly of Opelousas, now traveling in the interest of a silverware house.

Crow Girard, Esq. who has been ill for several weeks past, has gone to the Gulf coast to spend a few weeks and recuperate his strength.

Mr. A. T. Caillouet of St. Mary's parish, is erecting a large and handsome residence on his property in Mouton's addition, on Mouton's avenue, recently purchased from Dr. E. Delmouly.

Mr. Arthur Bonnet did a neat and attractive job in painting Mrs. Rigues' hotel. He is tasteful and thorough in his work.

Mr. Andre M. Martin is enlarging and remodeling his residence, after the Queen Anne cottage style. This will not only add to the comfort of and convenience of his home, but will make it an attractive ornament to that neighborhood. We are glad to note this evidence of his prosperity and enterprise.

Last Tuesday we received a call from our old friend Judge C. H. Mouton, of St. Martinville, who is here in attendance upon court. He informed us that press of other business necessitated his giving up the Reville. We regret to lost such an able and fluent pen from our files. We are glad to find him so cheerful and hearty. By the way, we should not have said "old friend", as he told us confidentially that he was not a day over forty in feeling and sentiment, and took the world by the horns, just as he used to do.

We received a letter last week from our friend Jas. T. Hankins, former depot agent for the Southern Pacific here, but now agent at McGregor, informing us of his sad loss in the death of his mother, on Tuesday, the 9th inst., of catarrhal fever, at the advanced age of 75 years. Mrs. Elmira M. Hankins was a native of Kentucky and was a resident of Louisiana for about 60 years. Her remains were interred in the family cemetery at New Iberia, her old home. Mr. Hankins' many friends here will join us in expressing our sympathy.

[Column 2]

The regular criminal term of the District Court convened last Monday, Judge W. W. Edwards presiding. Distrist [sic] Attorney R. C. Smedes was on hand. The grand jury was duly drawn, empanneled and charged, as follows: J. M. Jones, Foreman; John Marsh, Alexander Verrot, Simon Boudreaux, Adolphe Girouard, Morris Rosenstein, Odillon Broussard, Vilmond Hubach, Oscar Lyons, Alfred Hebert, Sigismond Bernard, Alcide Judide, Valcry Boudreaux, Numa Broussard, J. C. Buchanan, Dupre' Hulin(?). This week was devoted to civil business.

As an instance of the beauty and healthfulness of our climate and parish, we give the following interesting facts concerning one of our native families: Nathan Huffpauir and his wife were born in Lafayette parish, and are both in their 76th year. The old gentleman is still in robust health. They are the parents of Ford, Alexander, Elijah, Thompson, Silas, Bolden, Starcus, and Phineas Huffpouir, all well known, upright and valuable citizens; also five daughters, all married; in all, 13 children. There are 88 grand-children and 38 great-grand-children; making a family of 141, all living in pretty nearly one neighborhood. This family record is hard to beat.

We received a pleasant call from Dr. Geo. W. Scranton, of Royville, last Tuesday. He is looking well, and is as jovial as ever. He reports that "Leather Breeches" has had la grippe, but is still alive and kicking.

Mr. Wm. Campbell, who is now taking the law course at the Tulane University, New orleans, came up last week to spend the holidays with his family, and returned to the city Tuesday night to resume his studies.

Capt. Ross and his bridge gang are now making repairs and improvements about the Crescent and News Hotel. The elevated cistern was found to be unsound, and had to be taken down and renewed.

We had the pleasure last Wednesday evening of meeting our young friend Bodemuller, of the Crowley Signal, who was returning to work from a trip to hsi old home, Opelousas. We are glad to know he is prospering.

Mr. J. E. Couvillon was in to see us Wednesday and informed us that his new store, in the neighborhood of Gerac and Pellerin's mill, was now open for business, with a large and fresh stock of goods. We welcome him to our town with pleasure and wish him success.

Will Parrot and Sonny Landry went out hunting and did some extraordinarily fine shooting a few days ago. They came home loaded. They now call themselves the crack shots of Lafayette, and are ready to accept a challence from any two in this or any adjoining parish for an all 'round day's shot, for $100 a side. Trot out your bears.