The Lafayette Advertiser, 21 October 1903

Page One:


On Wednesday, Oct. 14, Mr. AE Ferren and Miss Louise Revillon were married at St. John's Catholic Church, Rev. Father Crozier officiating in the presence of a large number of friends. Mr. Geo. Casanova, of New Orleans, was the best man, and Miss Lizzie Ferren, sister of the groom, was the bridesmaid. After the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served to the newly wedded pair and a number of friends and relatives at the home of the bride's mother. Mr. and Mrs. Ferren left on the 1:00 p.m. train for Lake Charles which will be their future home. The Advertiser joins with a large circle of friends in wishing them many years of happiness.

Page 3:
The many friends of Miss Swett, our talented teacher, are pleased to see her out and at her post of duty again after an illness of a few days last week.

Mrs. GW Scranton, of Lafayette, visited friends and relatives last week.

Hon. AG Guilbeau was called to Lafayette on business last Thursday.

Misses Carrie Lessley and Kate Hayes are visiting friends at Church Point.

Louis Breaux writes from Nashville that he visited the penitentiary in that city and says there are nine hundred and fifty cells and he say nine hundred and eighty convicts and noone else need apply.

Prof. Cardi Del Ferio, of Mexico, stopped over a short while with Prof. Young while en route to Cuba; the Professor says that this section of the country, and more especially Lafayette parish, is the finest in the United States.

Miss May Courtney visited friends in Opelousas last week.

The supper given by Mrs. Anatole Breaux was well patronized.

Rene Comeaux of Lafayette was in town last week, representing the wholesale drug house of Estorge and Co., New Iberia.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Brown visited at Royville last Monday.

Misses Angela Romero and Bertha Lemaire, of New Iberia, were in Lafayette this week.

Jerome Mouton returned from New Orleans Saturday, having spent a couple of days there.

Mrs. AT Comeaux, of Royville, spent Saturday and Sunday here with friends.

OJ Poland, who has been away on a vacation, has returned. He was an appreciated visitor at The Advertiser office Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. GM Snodgrass and little daughter, who have been spending two months most pleasantly visiting relatives and friends in Arkansas and Iowa returned home Sunday.

Mrs. JJ Davidson went to New Orleans Thursday to spend a few days with her mother, Mrs. ER Kennedy.

Mrs. Tom Torian and children and Miss Daisy Louvre, after spending ten days with Mr. Wm. Torian's family, returned home Saturday.

Mrs. EL Blum was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Albert Doucet, last week.

Mrs. Crow Girard returned home Saturday from New Orleans where she has been spending some time with her mother.

Mrs. Robt. Carter, of Crowley, visited relatives here Monday.

Mr. Frank Patin, of New Iberia was in town Friday.

Mr. Tom Hopkins spent a few hours in New Iberia Sunday.

WS Torian made a business trip during the week to Abbeville.

Richard Alexander, who has been engaged in merchandising here for nearly a year, has closed out his business, and accepted a splendid offer in Patterson. We regret to lose Mr. Alexander and wish him success in his new home. *****