The Lafayette Advertiser, 18 January 1890


A great many of our young and old folks took advantage of the excursion to New Orleans. They all seem to have had a good time. Mr. AC Guilbeau, one of the party, combined business with pleasure, and purchased for his new store a large stock of dry goods and groceries.

Mr. PD Roussel is to be congratulated on the appearance of his new drug store, as it is undoubtedly the neatest and one of the best arranged stores in our town. He deserves every encouragement our people can give him.

Charley Lusted and Tom Coleman continue to go over the line in fine shape.

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Miss Tillie Dettmar, of New Orleans, who was in our town several months last summer, is back again on a visit to her aunt, Mrs. E. Nichol, at the Racke House.

Another lamentable homicide occurred at Broussardville on the afternoon of Monday last. From the best information we can obtain, it seems that twice that day Mr. Ne- Broussard had sought to provoke a difficulty with Mr. O-ezephore Melancon, ... the latter had avoided him. As Mr. Melancon was sitting on a barrel at Mr. --laud's store, Mr. Broussard again --acked him with a cowhide, inflicting several blows. Melancon then drew a pocket knife and cut Broussard fatally in the abdomen. Broussard lingered until Wednesday morning, and we understand ... his death stated that he recognized he was in error, and desired no ... in the case. The coronor's ... brought in a verdict of justifiable homicide. Melancon, who had surrendered the sheriff, was at once discharged from custody.

Miss Anita Hohorst, one of our most estimable young ladies, left for New Orleans Tuesday, to spend a few weeks with friends.

Friday morning we enjoyed a call from our old friend Mr. J Gen-il, of St. James Parish. We are always glad to see him and profit by the wisdom of his experience.

On Thursday, Messrs. Br---- and Bradley, deputy sheriffs returned with Alcibiade Foreman, Sr., and William Foreman, the parties charged with the killing of Francois Bergeron, who we understand surrendered. They are now in the jail here.

We learn that Mr. Jeff Thompson, who was wounded in the difficulty with Mr. Comeau at Opelousas, is doing well, and has fair chances of recovery.

[The following is somewhat faded and difficult to read]
In this parish, Wednesday, January 1-th, ... Lydia, daughter of WG Bailey and the late Irma Duhon, aged 4 years. Just about a year ago Mr. Bailey had the great misfortune to lose his wife and his ... following calamity calls for our deepest sympathy.

In this parish, Thursday, January 16th, ... Mrs. Olympe Arcine Hebert, wife of Severin Duhon, aged 40 years and 9 months. The corpse was taken to Breaux Bridge yesterday for interment in the family cemetery.