The Lafayette Advertiser, 17 Jan 1903

Page Four::

Mr. Jules Jeanmard off Carencro spent a few days of last week in Lafayette to recuperate after an illness of four weeks.

Mrs. Wm. Campbell is sick with pneumonia.

FF Carter will move shortly into his new studio.

Our esteemed confrere of the Lafayette Gazette, Mr. Homer Mouton, left for Baton Rouge Wednesday, where he has accepted a position on the staff of the Baton Rouge Advocate, the official journal of the state. We wish our confrere much success in his new work, and hope to see him some day, one of the leading newspaper men of the State.

Mr. EG Voorhies, our efficient clerk of the court, is wide awake on all occassions, especially in matters pertaining to his office. To improve work in the office, he has secured a typewriter which writes directly on the books. This will make the records plainer and neater than ever.

Mr. Chas. O Mouton made a flying trip to New Orleans.