The Lafayette Advertiser, 16 July 1898

[The scan of this page was cut off on the left hand side, rendering one coloumn of the News and Personals section unreadable. Below is what could be read.]

Mr. Constant Leger has brought to our office an agglomeration of small ears of corn about three inches long which were cut from the top of a corn stalk. The whole is certainly a freak of nature.

Mr Thomas Wier, one of the old confederate veterans, is going to Atlanta, Ga., as a delegate from Camp Gen. F. Gardner, to attend the reunion of the United Confederate Veterans on the 22nd of this month. Good time to you.

Israel Prejean and Burt Smith from the western part of our parish, sent two carloads of cattle to JW Broussard, who of late goes to New Orleans very often to --tend in the sales. The surroundings of the Crescent City sure do agree with Joe. Just look at him.

Mr. EH Bauer, of St. Louis, Mo.., manager of Lafayette Compress and Storage Co., is now with us accompanied by his wife and will be one of the genial and business-like gentlemen who will help Lafayette on its prosperity's march.

It is with much regret that we record the death of the young child of Mr. and Mrs. JH Martin. The little one was buried last Sunday.