Lafayette Advertiser, 12 April 1890

Miss Sallie Collins, of Opelousas, is among relatives and friends in town.

Mr. George Bailey, of Jennings, visited his home and friends last Sunday.

Mrs. Edmond Pellerin left Tuesday for New Orleans to spend some time with relatives and friends there.

Mr. Warren Gardiner, one of Grand Coteau's handsome beaux, was among the visitors to town Sunday last.

Mr. JK Grier, one of our progressive and prosperous farmers West of town, paid us an appreciated call Thursday.

Mr. EL Estilette of Carencro, Parish Assessor, dropped into our sanctum for a few moments pleasant converse Saturday.

Mr. Odilon Broussard, a popular Abbeville young gentleman, visited friends in town last week.

Mr. Edvard Pellerin of Royville was in town this week and gave us an appreciated call.

Miss Eloise Mouton, after a pleasant stay of several weeks in town, returned to her home at Lake Arthur Sunday, to the regret of her many friends.

Miss Minnie Bailey, a charming young lady of Opelousas, is spending some time in town among relatives and friends.

Miss Estelle Gerac, one of our charming and winsome young ladies, left Wednesday last to visit friends in New Orleans.

Miss Martha Mouton's many friends were delighted to welcome her home last week on her return from a protracted visit to relatives and friends in New Orleans.

Mrs. Willam Clegg returned from New Orleans this week, where she had been called to attend to the bedside of her son Willie, who was quite ill, but is now fully recovered.

Monday we had the pleasure of introduction to Mr. I. Alpha, of Franklin, who spent a few days in town visiting his sons Messrs. Chas. P. and Oscar L. Alpha.

Mr. George Eastin, late of the St. Martinville Messanger, is now connected with the Vindicator. George has many acquaintances here, and no doubt will soon feel perfectly at home. We extend to him a cordial welcome.

We are glad to note that our young friend Arthur Hebert, who has been confined to his bed and suffered intensely from a severe attack of inflammatory rheumatism for three weeks past, has had a favorable turn in his case and is ont he fair road to recovery.

Tuesday Mr. RE Kerkam, Louisiana Signal Corps Directory, and Mr. JJ Davidson, local observer at Lafayette, called at our office. We regret very much that we happened to be absent in the country as we should have enjoyed very much an interview with these gentlemen. Mr. Kerkam is making a tour of the state inspecting the various stations, and making improvements and additions to facilitatte the workings of his invaluable department. While here, he arranged a better exposure for the meteorological instruments, and Mr. Davidson will keep an accurate record of our weather.

Monday our post office was duly turned over to Mr. Paul Demanade', who has located the same on Vermilion street, in the storehouse formerly occupied by Mr. Veazey. In retiring from official life, Mr. Simpson carries with him the confidence and highest esteeem of our community. He has been a faithful and efficient officer, and may rest proudly upon his record. Of the new incumbent it is needless to say that his ability is equal to the emergency. Mr. Demanade' is one of our prosperous merchants, and owes his success to his strict integrity and unvarying promptness. He will make a good post-postmaster. [sic]

Last Sunday night a lot of our young people in honor of Miss Stella Trahan's birthday, tendered her an entertainment at the hospitable mansion of her father, Dr. JD Trahan. Their courtly host and his amiable and accomplished wife devoted themselves to the entertainment and pleasure of their welcome guests, and it is needless to say that it was a most recherche and enjoyable affair. The young folks reveled in pleasure til a late hour and reluctantly departed, fully appreciating the sentiment of the poet: "When Time, who steals our years away, the mem'ry of the past will stay, And half our joys renew" Among those who participated were Misses Stella and Haydee Trahan, Minnie Bailey, Alix and Louise Judice, Estelle Gerac, Martha Mouton, and Zerelda Bailey; and Messrs. Raoul Trahan, Geo. Richard, Alfred and Sidney Mouton, Jno. Comeau, John LeBesque, Warren Gardiner, Felix Girard, and Pierre Gerac.

Those who were so fortunate as to attend the beautiful and imposing Easter services at St. John's Church were deeply impressed with the faultless harmony and expressive rendition of the music by the choir, which woul have beeen a credit to a metropolitan church. Our choir is composed of ladies and gentlemaen of Lafayette, who have attained their beauty and accuracy of execution under the careful and skillful leadership of Miss Alix Judice. Those participating in the singing Easter were Misses Alix and Louise Judice, Martha Mouton, Estelle Gerac, Mrs. CH Eastin, Mrs. Ed. Mouton, and Messrs. HA Eastin and HH Hohorst. The rendition of the organ music, under the delicate and refined touch of Miss Alix Judice, was especially beautiful. The congregation of St. John is proud of its excellent choir.

Mr. H. Lacour, of the enterprising farmers of the fertile Carencro region (a brother-in-law of our Mr. JC Couvillon), called upon us Saturday. He has an excellent stand of corn and cane, and says his neighbors have just as good. He is surprised at the luxuriant growth of his stubble cane, which he thought was badly damaged by the March freeze.

Thursday we had the pleasure of greeting in our sanctu, Mr. A Bernard, of St. Martinville, who came to establish an agency for the purchase of bones, which are used int he manufacture of fertilizer.

Saturday evening we were invited to insepct a large dressed beef at the shop of Mr. F. Otto. It was really the finest beef we have ever seen in this market, the fat laying fully two fingers on the back.

Mr. Wm. Campbell was in town Sunday and Monday, returning to New Orleans Monday night to resume his law studies at Tulane University.

We learn from Mr. JJ Davidson, local observer for the State Weather Bureau, that the temperature Thursday was lowest at 41o, with light frost.

Mr. RC Greig has completed the census of the town, and has compiled the returns so far as to announce that the total population of Lafayette is 2,045. We are glad to note that Mr. Simpson is assisting the new postmaster until Paul gets his harness stretched. His aid just at this time is valuable.