The Lafayette Advertiser, 09 January 1897

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Percy, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. CF McCuen of Monroe, who is now three weeks old, weighs less than two pounds. At its birth the child weighed only one pound. It is in perfect health and received the ordinance of baptism last week.

What's the News?

Mr. O. T?t of Youngsville was in town Tuesday.

Miss Eloise Olivier spent the holidays with relatives.

Mr. Romain Francez of Carencro was in town Monday.

Charlie Young of Younsville [sic] was in Lafayette Thursday.

Miss Fannie Eaves of New Iberia is visiting Miss Mary Abbott.

Miss Anna B[?] Carencro visited relatives here last week.

Miss Lucie Gauthier of St. Martin is visiting the Misses Bienvenue.

Mr. and Mrs. C[]Girard returned Monday from their bridal tour.

Messrs. VE Dupuis and LG S?elly were in town on business Monday.

We learn with regret that the condition of Mr. AM Martin is not improving.

Misses Lucy Prudhomme and Jennie Hebert visited friends in Broussard this week.

Miss Sarah, Mr. Sam and Mrs. Geo. E. Brown of Carencro were in Lafayette during the week.

Chas. L?ted and family returned Monday from New Orleans where spent [sic] the holidays.

Mr. AD Breaux was in town Tuesday and informed us that he will make Rayne his future home.

The wedding of Miss Lena Levy to Mr. Alez Bl?stin will take place at the Jewish Synagogue Jan 17 at 1 o'clock pm, all are invited.

Miss Mary Abbott and Mr. T. Eves will be married at St. John's Catholic Church in this town at 11 o'clock Thursday, Jan 14th. No cards.

Invitations are out announcing the wedding of Mr. Florian Cornay to Miss Elodie Gueriniere of St. Martin. The ceremony will take place at St. Martin Church, Jan 14th 1897 at 5 o'clock.

Prof. Trudeaux of the high school returned from holiday vacation last Wednesday. He attended the convention at Lake Charles, and from there went to his home where he was detained by the illness of his father.