The Lafayette Advertiser, 08 February 1890

[Most of the pages are totally unreadable with the exception of the bottom third of each page.]

We note with pleasure the confirmation of the appointment of John Vigneaux as US Marshal for the Western District of Louisiana. This is a deserved honor to Lafayette parish, and is the first appointment of consequence from the United States Government, that the parish has ever had. Mr. Vigneaux has our congratulations, and we can say for him, that in his officialy career here, he has proved himself to be one of the most efficient, faithful and regular officers we have ever had.

The 8th of January was celebrated by Mrs. TA Bass, near Duson, and it was the good luck of your correspondent to be present at the dinner, which was good enough for a king. Mrs. Bass' husband fought with Gen. Jackson at the battle of New Orleans, and she herself is as staunch a Democrat as ever put foot in Louisiana.