The Lafayette Advertiser, 8 December 1900

Page One:
Mr. AV Labbe was all smiling during the week. A big boy was the cause of it.

Mr. and Mrs. JA Roy visited in New Orleans during the week.

Mrs. Tom Hopkins is visiting relatives in Arkansas.

Miss Alice Mouton has secured employment at Mouton and Salles store and will be pleased to attend to her many friends.

After a six week stay in Lafayette the charming Miss Louise Robins left for her home at Stamford, Conn.

Dr. FE Girard was a New Orleans visitor this week.

Mr. JB Benoit of Royville for several months confined to his room from illness, was in Lafayette Wednesday and favored this office with a call.

Sup't Wallis inspected the 8th ward school Monday and found Miss P. Doucet's school progressing nicely.

Judge Blackman of Alexandria and Mr. E Dubuisson, of Opelousas, were in Lafayette Wednesday.

Both Representatives Durio and Cade were taken as jurors on the Council-Mouton expropriation suit.

Mr. Paul Bailey becomes the sole owner of the Bailey & Greig Drugstore at Carencro, having bought out Mr. Greig's interest in the business. Mr. Bailey will continue business at the same stand, and as he is a Pharmacist of knowledge and reputation we bespeak for him a continuance of good and prosperous business.

Mrs. CC Brown and Miss Sarah Brown of Carencro, were in Lafayette Tuesday.

Mrs. RO Young and Miss Beulah Young, of Royville, were shopping in town Monday.

Bob Richard, now residing at Crowley, visited Lafayette Tuesday.

Mr. Paul Krauss returned from New Orleans Wednesday, where he had gone on business.

Prof. Stephens visited the Crescent City during the week.

The Tea Club held another of its meetings at the beautiful home of Mrs. FE Davis. It was decided to join the State Federation of Women Clubs and application to that effect will be made in the near future.

During the early part of the week, Dr. Jas. O. Ray of Opelousas was a visitor in Lafayette.

Mr. WW Duson and Miss Mayme Duson paid Lafayette a flying visit this week.

The first horseless carriage made its appearance in Lafayette. Go and see it at Schmulen's Racket Store.

As we go to press we learn that the Jury in the case of ... Corporation of Lafayette versus Alex Mouton has been decided in favor of the corporation and awarding Mr. Mouton the sum of $318.00 as damages. Therefore the new street will be opened.

Mrs. ME Girard, Mrs. Beraud and Miss Maxim Beraud and Masters Ashton and P.... ...raud visited the Crescent City

Page Ten: * Parts of this page are unreadable.
Mr. Thomas Cormier of Isle des cannes has found the bill book lost by Mr. Frank Miller of Broussardville. The latter gentleman may procure same by applying for it.

Arthur Leblanc has just returned from Abbeville wiht 65 head of fat cattle. Mr. Leblanc's business has increased to enourmous proportions.

Wm. Martin and wife from Welsh, and Mrs. Chas. P. Martin, with her two little girls and Ed Martin from Crowley visited Dr. GA Martin's family this week.

Sergean Marshal Wilkinson of New Orleans, during the late war Battalion Sergeant Major in Hood's ... visited Mr. JR Do-... on Wednesday of last ...

Dr. and Mrs. GW Scrant... Miss Gertrude Scranton ... attended the Bechet-Brown wedding ... Carencro Wednesday.

Mrs. D Bayret and Miss Grazelia Francez of Carencro were shopping in town Wednesday.

Deputy Sheriff Albert Trahan and Mr. B Perez of Scott were in Lafayette Monday.

Rev. CC Wier has been reappointed Pastor of the Lafayette Methodist Church. The Advertiser congratulates its Methodist friends in having the Rev. Wier again with them. Mr. Wier has made many friends in Lafayette who are delighted to know that a change in ministry was not effected.

Messrs. Maurice Francez and Claud Latiolas of Carencro, were shaking hands with friends in town the fore part of the week.

Mr. Smeedes Cade, of Royville, was in Lafayette Thursday.

Messrs. Jules Guidry and Pierre Mouton of Scott were attending to business in town this week.

The charming Miss Bella Judice of Scott, visited friends in Lafayette several days this week.

Representatives Cade and Durio were in Lafayette Thursday.

Herman Friedman, well known in Lafayette committed suicide in Bayou Teche near Jeanerette. It is said that ill health was the cause of the unfortunate rash act.