The Lafayette Advertiser, 7 October 1903

Miss Annie Bell left yesterday for Natchitoches to attend the Normal.

Mrs. HP Fortune, of Berwick, is visiting her daugher, Mrs. H Jagou. Mrs. W. Geisler, Mrs. Jagou's sister, after spending a week with her, left for home Saturday.

Miss Gertrude Coronna left last week for New Orleans to enter Miss Sophie Wright's school.

Misses Ruth and Julia Huff and Mrs. CP Moss of New Iberia were among the excursionists to Alexandria Sunday.

Paul Guilbeau, the accomodating clerk at Prejean & LeBlanc's, is expected back from Avoyelles today.

Misses Lucy Vigneaux, Marie Castel and Horta Lombard spent a week in New Orleans returning home with Mr. Vigneaux whom they met in New Orleans on his return from France.

Mr. and Mrs. Martial Billeaud returned Thursday from San Antonio, Tex.

John Vigneaux returned home from Europe Saturday after a delightful visit of four months to his brothers in France.

Rena Durand went to Eola Sunday.

WJ Howell visited friends in Alexandria Sunday.

Mrs. GR Tolson of Covington LA, is visiting Dr. FR Tolson's family.

Ludovic Guilbeau paid a visit to Royville Friday on business.

AL Dyer of Youngsville, was a visitor to Lafayette Friday.

AT Comeaux, of Youngsville, was in town Friday.

Richard Mills left for Lake Charles last week where he has secured a good position.

We are pleased to see our old friend, G. Blot, out among his friends after two weeks confinement to his room.

Mrs. Anatole Breaux spent the day last Monday in Lafayette with friends.

Miss May Courtney visited the public school last Thursday.

Geo. Brown has returned from a five days trip to New Orleans where he purchased a large stock of goods.

Leidlie Guilbeau spent some time visiting the public school last Monday.

Dearie and Leidlie Guilbeau, sons of Hon. AC Guilbeau, left for the State Normal last Monday.

Misses Carrie Lessley and Kate Hayes paid the public school a visit last Thursday.

Raoul Breaux visited friends at Kaplan last Tuesday.

Miss Lucille Swett visited Lafayette last Saturday, and returned all smiles, and reports having had an excellent time in our sister town, Lafayette people know just how to entertain.

E Courtney of Lafayette visited relatives and friends last Sunday--well Emmett will tell you the rest. What about those bells ringing in the near future, Emmett? Nous verrons.

JO Broussard, Didier Verot, Hugh Wallace and Rodolph went to town Monday to serve on the jury.

Drozin Meaux and Homer Landry went to town Thursday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bower spent part of the week in Crowley visiting friends, returning Sunday.

Ed G. Voorhies and RH Broussard paid us a welcome visit Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Bourgeois will move into their new home near Landry switch in a few days.

Judge Alex D. Verot spent the day in town to attend the meeting of the school board.

Invitations are out for the marriage of Mr. Leo Judice to Miss Hunter Ferguson, of Richmond, VA., which will take place in Trinity Methodist Episcopal church, in that city on Wednesday, Oct. 14, 1903.