The Lafayette Advertiser, 07 May 1887

[Page 6]
Jos. A. Breaux, Esq. of New Iberia, was here during the week attending Court.

Mr. Henri Crouchet has been appointed Postmaster at Carencro, in place of Mrs. V. Melchior deceased.

We regret to learn of the accidental shooting of young Gabriel Salles, which occurred last Sunday while out fishing. He, we are informed, was one of a party out for a day in the woods. After fishing for some time they resorted to target shooting for further amusement and while engaged in this sport Gabriel Salles was shot in the leg by his cousin Felix Salles, in a manner unaccountable to both. The wound was examined by Drs Mudd and Moss, who pronounced it dangerous, but not necessarily serious.

From Carencro:
A deep gloom has been cast over our community by the death of Madame V. Melchior, notice of which has been published in your paper. But what must be the gloom over that little family from whose presence the light of a mother's love has gone out forever? No mother's gentle hand to soothe the aching brow; no mother's voice to comfort the troubled heart--"But other voices by God's grace,/Shall fill that of a mother's place;/And hands made strong through Christian love,/Will guide thee o'er life's troubled sea."

[Page 12]
Hon. BA Martel, of St. Landry, died at his home in Opelousas last Wednesday, 5th inst. He was the oldest member of the Opelousas bar.

Our friend, EC Landry, Esq. of Oak Hill Plantation, has our thanks for some delicious syrup from his sugar house.