The Lafayette Advertiser, 3 February 1900

Mr. DA Cochrane and wife have left for Mansura, Avoyelles Parish, called there to the bedside of a dying sister, Mrs. N. Wallet.

High Mass of Requiem will be celebrated at St. John's Catholic church in Lafayette on Thursday, February 15th, at 9 o'clock a.m. for the repose of the soul of Rev. Father Healy. All catholics of the parish are earnestly invited to be present.

M.... B. Bailey returned from New Orleans last Tuesday. She visited her daughters Mrs. JA Roy and Miss May Bailey.

Mrs. TM Biossat visited Alexandria and returned with her little daughter Inez who had been spending some time with her grandparents.

Last Sunday Messrs. WB Lindsay, P Robichaux and LG Gladu visited the picturesque town of Abbeville and were guests of Mr. Leonce Gladu. They were entertained in the evening at the hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. R Coffey, where a most pleasant time was spent.

Mrs. Alex Delhommer of Breaux Bridge removed to Lafayette and rented the second story of the building occupied by Messrs. Begnaud and Comeaux near the Court House. Mrs. Delhommer will keep furnished rooms and board and the traveling public and others will find there besides all conveniences, a good board.

..... Guilbeau of Carencro, who went to New Orleans a few days ago to have an operation performed for the removal of the leaden missive received at the base of his neck in the affray occuring last fall, is back at home a better man. The judge went to Touro's infirmary where the surgeon's knife removed a 38-caliber pistol bullet neatly wrapped up in several thicknesses of "patcheen" whihc had been cut from the coat, shirt, and underclothing of the victim as it entered the body and lodged in the collar bone, which it had split and shattered. The pieces of clothing were stills entwined about the ball, as nicely as though they had been wrapped there by human skill. It was pronounced a good scientific shot. We congratulate Mr. Guilbeau on the outcome of the surgical operation and in getting rid of the deadly leaden missive.