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[edit] Research Directory Wiki

This directory includes links for resources, records and research repositories online. Ranging from sites with international coverage, to sites covering just one town, this directory has been compiled in the course of our own research in each of these areas. These are sites with real value, which allow you to enhance your knowledge, or conduct useful research.

We hope you will find this directory as useful as we have.

To begin, why not visit one of the following:

North America
United States

[edit] How This Directory Works

Each item in this directory is placed as close to the region it serves as possible. For instance, a website dedicated to transcribing census data across the entire United States would be placed on, you got it!, the United States page. A page that contains vital records abstracts for a particular county in Arizona would be found within that county's section on the Arizona page. Links to websites with statewide focus are found at the top of each state's page, before the county listings.

It is suggested that you begin your research as close to the point of interest as possible. For example, if I were researching family in San Diego County, I would first direct my attention to the links in the San Diego County section of the California page. I would then consult the California statewide links. Then, if I hadn't found what I was looking for, I would move on to the listings for the Western States, then the United States, then perhaps the global resources.

Following this ever-widening circle of research allows you to take advantage of each successive level of data and information provided on each site. Remember, you never know where you are going to find that vital piece of information, so don't ever stop looking!

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