Rose Hill Cemetery

Rose Hill Cemetery Scenic Shots
Cemetery from near Parking lot
Cemetery from Trail
View within cemetery, looking SSW
View within cemetery, looking due South

Please note that this list does not represent all known burials in this cemetery. It merely includes all visible headstones in the cemetery (as of November 2008). For more complete lists of burials in Rose Hill, check here and here.

Rose Hill Cemetery Headstone Photos
Map Location NumberNameShots
6Sarah Nortonclose, wide
7David E. Griffithclose, wide
8Howellwide1, wide2
Sarah Howell, Thomas M. Howell
9Thomas Jenkinsclose
10Walter Holtclose, wide
12David M. Hughesclose, wide
14Mary Ritchardsclose
15Daniel Richardsclose, wide
17Katie Aitkenclose
18Mary Tullyclose
24Robert Andersonclose, wide
25George Cooperclose, wide, footstones
25Maggie Buxtonclose, wide, footstones
27Rebecca Evansclose, wide
30John Loveclose, wide
31Catherine Edwardsclose
32Barbara Witherowclose
33Vaughnclose, wide1, wide2
Abel Vaughn, Hannah Vaughn
35Richard Heycockclose, wide
37Robert Wingateclose
39Elias Havardclose
41Mary Ann Jamesclose, wide
42Mary Powellclose
43Gwelym Humphreysclose, wide
46William Gethingclose
48Evan Smithclose, wide
49David W. Griffithsclose
52William L. Williamsclose, wide
53Evan Daviesclose
54Margaret Hughesclose, wide
55Annie Williamsclose
56Thomasclose, wide
66Wm. C. Minettclose
68Annie Spowartclose
69Thomas S. Jonesclose
70Thomas M. Jonesclose
73Isaac Howellsclose, wide
74Edward Williamsclose
Charles H. Bowman, David G. Bowman, Violette Bowman
81Elizabeth Richmondclose
82Catherine Jonesclose
83Jonesclose, wide
84Isabella Jonesclose
85Julia Etta Piercyclose
88Jenkinsclose1, close2, wide
90Anna Davisclose
95Jane Oliverclose
100Ann Clementclose
100William Clementclose
107Martha J. Greenclose
108Alice J. Hookclose
109George B. Hookclose, wide
111Peter Davisclose
113Thomas Jonesclose
116Ruth Frenchclose